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Commercial Condominium Property Management


The demand for effective, professional property management has seen immense growth with the transformation in the nature of urban real estate. Most recently, the trend to condoize commercial properties has left condominium boards struggling with how to manage common elements without large increases to maintenance fees for owners. The goal of GTR Property Management is to preserve or increase the value of your condo investment property through the application of both technical expertise, foresight and communication skills. GTR Property Management provides comprehensive commercial condominium property management services including financial and administrative needs.

Commercial and Industrial Rental Property Management


Commercial and Industrial Rental properties such as office buildings, retail shopping centers and industrial complexes require management that has the interpersonal skills to deal effectively with owners, tenants, prospective tenants, employees, contractors and others in the real estate business. GTR Property Management makes it a priority to ensure that your rental properties are well maintained and your relationships are managed so that tenants are encouraged to maintain long-term leases.

Residential Condominium Property Management


Whether the property is a walk-up apartment building or row townhouses, GTR Property Management understands the unique concerns of residential condominium owners. With a thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act and the Condominium Act, GTR Property Management can take the guesswork and stress out of managing your residential investment properties. Ask us how we can customize your services in order to control your costs.  

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