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About Us


GTR Property Management takes a hands-on, personal approach to property management. Founded by Harkanwal S. Thind, a veteran in the real estate industry with over thirty years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate, in addition to management experience in commercial properties, GTR Property Management has the expertise to ensure that your condominium properties are being managed cost-effectively while maintaining the high standard of care you have come to expect for your property.

As a licensed realtor, with over twelve years of experience as the Managing Owner/Broker of Record at a mid-sized real estate brokerage, and as a certified property manager by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO), Thind understands what it takes to keep your property in top shape whether you are leasing, selling or using your property yourself. Thind has thorough knowledge of Ontario’s Condominium Act so that owners, condominium board directors and users can consult his expertise to understand their rights and obligations.


Thind has managed commercial rental properties in the Greater Toronto Area since 1997. With a passion for continuous learning, Thind keeps up-to-date with all of the recent developments in property management. Thind holds memberships with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI)  as well as the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and actively seeks out learning opportunities to improve the quality of service at GTR Property Management.


GTR Property Management prides itself on its ability to reduce maintenance fees for condominium owners through targeted negotiation techniques with suppliers and contractors as well as accurate budgeting and forecasting.   

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